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The Rodrigue surname originates from the Iberian Peninsula (Spain and Portugal). Etymologically, it comes from germanic languages (HROD-RIK). Originally, it was but a first name (Rodrigo); but it became a surname (Rodriguez or Rodrigues = son of Rodrigo). The spelling Rodrigo also became a surname in its own right (suffice it to mention the great spanish composer Joaquín Rodrigo).

The Rodrigue spelling has diverse origins. It is know that Jews from the Iberian Peninsula have fled the region because of the Inquisition to settle in Turkey, where their original surname was transformed into Rodrigue. On the other hand, some Rodriguez and Rodrigues settled in France and Belgium at some point in history, sometimes modifying also their surname into Rodrigue , Finally, a certain number of Spanish and Portuguese ancestors settled in North America (in New France, in Acadia and in Louisiana), and their surname also was transformed into Rodrigue. One can find also other Rodrigue in South America (Argentina and Brazil), descending from Portuguese Rodrigues who settled in France (where the surname became Rodrigue), and who later migrated to Argentina.

There exist also more recent forms of the Rodrigue surname. In English-speaking regions, some Rodrigue became Rodrick or Roderick. And a branch of Québec Rodrigue transformed its surname into Ladrie.

We hope that the Rodrigue Surname DNA Project will be able to determine if there are genetic links between these different Rodrigue, or if these branches are quite estranged one from the other.